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UNITE GamiFOREST Coffee Talks

Unite gamiforest header with logo and virtual forest

The Gamiforest Coffee Talks webinars are for the latest updates and conversation about research going on in the scope of the Gamification theme of Unite flagship. You can join events in Zoom, no registration is needed.

Please find the event links, records of the past events and more information on the TUNI event page.

In Coffee talks, each month a researcher from Gamification Group, Tampere University will give a talk about the following subjects. If you want to be informed about upcoming talks, subscribe to email notifications at the event page


Talk #1: Climate Change Engagement and Games by Daniel Fernandez Galeote

Talk #2: Ludic Spatial Strategies & Forest Spaces – 25.03.2022, 13:00 by Mattia Thibault

Talk #3: Playing with Robotic Forest Companions – 22.04.2022, 13:00 by Eshtiak Ahmed

Symposium: GamiFOREST: A UNITE Symposium – 29.04.2022, GamiFIN 2022

Talk #4: Engaging with Climate Change through Virtual Forests – 27.05.2022, 13:00 by Laura Cosio

Talk #5: Design From the Wild: Playful and Participatory Design in Forests – 17.06.2022, 13:00 by Ferran Altarriba Bertran

Talk #6: Self Care through Playful Forest Technology – 26.08.2022, 13:00 by Velvet Spors

Talk #7: Forest Experiences through Location-Based Games – 30.09.2022, 13:00 by Samuli Laato

Talk #8: Gamification for Sustainable Consumption – 28.10.2022, 13:00 by Georgina ‘Ginnie’ Guillen

Talk #9: Gamifying Occupational Safety in Forests – 25.11.2022, 13:00 by Eetu Wallius

Talk #10: AI Powered Gameful Interactions with Forests – 16.12.2022, 13:00 by Timo Nummenmaa