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We digitalize forests and their value networks

top level research for society through cocreation

Innovative techniques to produce new data

Forest data

Agile knowledge creation from forest data

Gameful forest interaction for meaningful experiences and practices

Gameful Interaction
Human interaction

Smart decision support for human action in space and time

NEWS, blogs and events

Forest road

Europe needs a Climate Smart Forestry approach to increase resilience OF forests

A clear decision framework, that can be adapted according to regional differences, is needed for for…

Short animation with event text appearing over a picture of a forest floor.

Enhancing dialogue between researchers and policymakers in Brussels

Between 29th November – 1st December 2022, two Academy of Finland research flagships, FinnCERES and …

Kim Calders: Digital twins for understanding forest disturbances and recovery from space

Building digital twins from 3D laser scanning data will open a realm of untapped research questions …

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Host organisations

University of Eastern Finland
National Land Survey of Finland
Tampere University