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Unite in media

Here you can find our appearances in international media. For finnish media, check the page in Finnish

What’s causing one moth species to move further north? Climate change. CTV News, Canada 22.5.2022

Climate change is pushing the pine beauty moth northward 50 years ahead of earlier predictions. University of Finland 10.5.2022

Der Weg ist das Spiel. PV magazine 6.5.2022

The Gamification of Nature with Daniel Fernandez Galeote. Imperfect Eco-Hero podcast 5/2022.

M3 Mejkers lab: Zamislite da svi obožavaju matematiku! 29.3.2022.

Games offer interactive tools to cope with sustainability challenges. Tampere University news 7.2.2022.

Mila Bujić, interview: Radio Aparat – Zvučna Etnografija (Sound Ethnography). Episode: Gamification. 4.2.2022.

This quarter in play: The not so secret language of playfulness. Part 1. SCORAI Blog 3.6.2021.

How wearables could lead the way for more immersive Virtual Reality experiences. CORDIS Magazine 28.5.2021

Learning is fun! Gaming makes for motivated students and better learning outcomes. Tampere University news 25.5.2021

Världens tystaste land. Extrakt 22.4.2021.

Flying drones that plant trees now have their own seed supply. Beaverton valley times 28.2.2021

Gamification with care for the plane. Daniel Fernández Galeote – Interview for ActOnLearning YouTube channel 2021

Coronavirus affects most nature tourism, Daily Finland 26.10.2020.

Five minutes with Jyrki Kangas, Professor of Forest Bioeconomy, University oif Eastern Finland. 8.8.2020. 2020 World Bioeconomy Forum interview.