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Etusivu » What’s New » Cocreation cruise event on Mapping forest information 15.2.

Cocreation cruise event on Mapping forest information 15.2.

Unite cruise: Mapping forest information: methods and applications

Mapping is something that combines all Unite research work. It combines method development for pointcloud analysis, modelling forest characteristics based on point cloud data, data provision for decision making for forest owners and forest goers and also means to communicate data to users.

UNITE Online cruise “Mapping Forest Information” presents results of the UNITE flagship so far regarding mapping and innovating future work on the the theme. This cruise covers all these different aspects of mapping. The participants are asked to join in innovating new types of maps to benefit forestry and forest goers, as well as new properties that would benefit forest data users.

The language of the cruise in English, and it is aimed at end users interested in cocreation and utilisation of Unite research. As a captain and first mate of this cruise serve professor Annika Kangas and as her first mate professor Matti Maltamo.

You are welcome to join us! Please register here to receive a Teams link to the event.

Cruise timetable
12:30-12:40 Welcome: the role of mapping Kangas A. & Maltamo M.

12:40-12:55 Gopalakrishnan R.: Mapping forest fuel loads using WorldView-3 satellite data
12:55-13:10 Pitkänen, T.P.: Mapping peatlands using remote sensing data and machine learning
13:10-13:25 Poorazimy, M.: Evaluating the species-specific change in the tree crown structure based on bi-temporal airborne laser scanning data
13:25-13:40 Alekceychik P.: Thermal imagining for detecting vegetation stress

13:40-14:05 Coffee break and discussion in smaller groups
What features my organization needs to have mapped?

14:05-14:20 Pulgarin Diaz, J.A.: Characterization of the stands damaged by I. typographus in Finland
14:20-14:35 Junttila S.: Multispectral imagery provides benefits for mapping spruce tree decline due to bark beetle infestation when acquired late in the season
14:35-14:50 Tienaho, N.: Quantifying burned forest biomass of a controlled burning with bi-temporal terrestrial laser scanning and Sentinel-2 data

14:50-15:15 Coffee break and discussion in smaller groups How the currently used maps should be developed in the future?

15:15-15:30 Uusitalo, M.: Trail network as a mediator of nature experiences in nature-based tourism: A case study of the Levi resort
15:30-15:45 Nummenmaa T.: Use of floor plans: In agent simulations and activity visualization
15:45-16:00 Virtanen J.: From laser scanning to national single tree maps
16:00-16:15 Hyyti, H. et al.: Short videos & examples of the mapping research: drone flying, point cloud generation, motion distortion removal
16:15-16:45 General discussion: where UNITE should go? Maltamo M. & Kangas A.